"Present an authentic version of yourself through movement and stillness in time"
This is the core of the Shyamala method.
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Anapale Theatre under the Acropolis, Greece

Tani Gill Dance Company was founded by Tani in 2018, but her dance training goes back to 1988. Over the years she has performanced from Kakshetra to West End, Sadlers Wells, Kings College Cambridge to world renowned theaters in Acropolis, Greece.

She graduated with a BA Hons in Film and Animation which has worked to her advantage. She edits most of her own work.

With a team of freelance videographers, editors and animators at hand for larger projects, Gill production house was born. Now TGDC market their theater productions via short films.

After gaining a masters in dance psychology she was the first Indian classical dancer to be registered with the British Ballet Organisation.

Tani is a Unesco spokesperson and her work with conservation and the future of humanity are reflected in her off west end productions. Her narratives are political, speculative and unapologetic.

Her charitable work has been commended in the BBC Wildlife magazine for which she was recommended by Lucy Williamson and Jack Ashby, manager of the Museum of Zoology, Cambridge University and author of Animal Kingdom.

By training extensively in Bharatnatyam and moving towards contemporary styles, she started developing her dance ethos. She has had the opportunity to work and be guided by some of the world’s leading choreographers.

Her interest grew particularly towards the inclusion of ethnic minorities from disadvantaged social and economical backgrounds. Her goal is to consistently give opportunities to disadvantaged dancers whilst telling real stories in real time.

Director and founder of TGDC.